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I'm Just Saying...
The Odd Couple

Treasure Island: A New Musical

Finger Lakes MTF

  • "Jimmy Bain has a lovely voice and the enthusiastic, boyish (and sometimes priggish) presence young Jim Hawkins needs. Like all the cast, he’s talented and committed."

    • Barbara Adams, Ithaca Times

  • ​"Jimmy Bain – as the coming of age character Jim Hawkins – presents himself well in the role. He acts it well, moves across stage swiftly, and has a wonderful voice and facial expressions."
    • Natasha Ashley, NY Theatre Guide
  • "...Jim Hawkins (Jimmy Bain) is a perfect youthful hero: intelligent, watchful, fearless. He also has a wonderful Broadway voice as we hear in the duet “Sail” with his mother,Victoria Huston-Elem... [and in] An even stronger duet...with Long John, “Never Seen Good.”
    • James MacKillop, Syracuse New Times​
Monomoy Theatre 2013



  • "...Bain as Vinnie is delightfully funny, especially the voice he lends the character."

    • Kathleen Szmit, Barnstable Patriot

She Loves Me


  • "Arpad, the delivery boy, is played by Jimmy Bain with eager youthful enthusiasm."

    • Lee Roscoe, Cape Cod Times

  • "Jimmy Bain is Arpad Laszlo... he belts out one of the shows most delightful tunes."

    • Kathleen Szmit, Barnstable Patriot

  • "Jimmy Bain equally lit up the stage with his engaging characterization of Laszlo..."

    • Joan Tacke Aucoin, Cape Cod Chronicle


Arsenic and Old Lace


  • "The rest of the cast gives funny portrayals... especially Jimmy Bain as the talky Officer O'Hara."

    • Johanna Crosby, Wicked Local Cape Cod

  • "...another fabulous Bain characterization that sweetens audience appreciation and involvement."

    • Joan Tacke Aucoin, Cape Cod Chronicle

Death of a Salesman


  • "Other standout performances are given by Alan Rust... and Jimmy Bain as Charley's nerdy son Bernard. The two actors do more than just offer comic relief. They play their roles with great sensitivity."

    • Johanna Crosby, Wicked Local Orleans

  • ​"Jimmy Bain is utterly engaging as Charley's nerdy, smartest kid in class son... Bain's characterizations are infectious and perfectly played."

    • Joan Tacke Aucoin, Cape Cod Chronicle


  • "I've been complimenting Jimmy Bain for his infectious smile all summer. It all comes home when Jimmy impersonates the great comedian Joe E. Brown... Bain is a hilarious guy and keeps the laughs coming!"

    • Joan Tacke Aucoin, Cape Cod Chronicle

Shakespeare in Hollywood

She Loves Me, Capital Repertory Theatre

  • "Jimmy Bain is beyond outstanding as a delivery boy lobbying for a promotion with the song 'Try Me'" - Steve Barnes, Albany Times Union

  • "Jimmy Bain’s (as Arpad) buoyant treatment of “Try Me” does, indeed, stop the show." - Paul Lamar, The Daily Gazette

  • "Jimmy Bain, as Arpad, the delivery boy, is a joy to watch, with an amazingly expressive face." - Amy Durant,

  • "Jimmy Bain’s smile, as delivery boy Arpad ... beams like a sunny day, and his comedic chops and timing in his scene with Maraczek, “Try Me,” opens act 2 with zeal." -James Yeara, TheSpot518

  • "Jimmy Bain's youthful presence is as refreshing as a cool breeze off a lake in summer. His enthusiastic "Try Me" in Act Two felt more like an unstoppable boy than it did a song." -J. Peter Bergman, Berkshire Bright Focus


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